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Social Action

Social Action

Human Resource (HR) and Organizational Development (OD) Consultation: A group of youth experts is formed for trainings, camp & workshop facilitation where every individual are experienced youth active on diverse sector.

Youth Resources and Information Center: It is established to provide necessary knowledge and information to the youth. Library, internet service and information desk is operating at this center.

Study, Research & Publication: Center publishes reports and books by gathering information from study and research related to economic, social, cultural matter concerned directly with youth.

Development Initiative: Center works in partnership with likeminded organization for empowerment, service delivery and information dissemination to those communities who are deprived from opportunities.

Youth entrepreneurship Development: It provides the vocational skills for youth.

Ongoing Social Action

  • Youth Resource Center is going to establish in Itahari (Sunsari), Babarmahal (Kathmandu), Nepalgung (Banke), Chisapani (Banke), Kittachour (Lalitpur) and Pina (Mugu), further Youth Resources Center's own building is under construction on Chisapani (Banke) and Pina (Mugu) in support of YDC in initiation of community youth organization and supported by Youth Development Center.
  • Publishing book on Youth Personality Development and city profile of Itahari municipality.
  • Entrepreneurship Development- Mushroom, Incense stick (agar batti), Candle production skill training for youth, group formation, production and marketing.