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Website Development Consultation

Website Development Consultation

Youth Development Center (YDC) offered website development consultation of any type of socially active organization from all over the Nepal. We realize that socially active organizations are feeling the complexity to publish the website due to different cause. In most of the cases, people of organization does not have idea about the website designing, could  not suggest the suitable format as organization, could not develop the applicable documents for website, etc. On the other hand, web designer does not have any idea about the social organization, could not suggest the suitable website for organization.

There will be two sectors for web development consultation---

1. Web Development Consultant

  • Suggest the suitable format of website for organization by consulting the concern people of organization and studying the past, present and future status of organization.
  • Bridge between the designer and organization during designing on behalf of organization.
  • Support to prepare organization profile if necessary
  • All the document preparation in English for website.

2. Website Designing

  • Give three different designs to choose according to discussion among designer, consultant and organization.
  • Update two times to finalized website after offering the front page.
  • Update two more times within a year.

We have offer web development consultation in reasonable service cost.

Some of the website developed by YDC